Monday, February 20, 2006

Sleeves in your Pi - finished and blocking

Here's the pi shawl, being blocked on my bed (yes, that's my "to be read" pile on the bedside table -- or one of them, anyway), and my extension of the last several rows of the pattern.

Wore it (unblocked) over to my sis's house yesterday, and she called it my "fuzzy yeti" shawl. Yeah, it is big, fuzzy and green. Could also be compared to the Cookie Monster. But it's warm, and comfy, and will make a lovely wrap for sitting on the couch on a cold evening. Despite all the lacy holes, it's a nicely cozy wrap.


Blogger Diana said...

I hope you show us a photo of you wearing the shawl after the blocking is finished. :) It looks lovely.

About the dirt under carpet in the previous post: We are closing on a house in March and in one of the bedrooms we pulled the carpet up and it was amazing to see how much dirt had settled through it. Fortunately, the original floor under the carpet is oak so we don't have to do anything but clean it and make it pretty again. I hope your room redo goes well.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Corbie said...

Thanks! Yes, I'll have a pic taken when I unpin it.

Re: dirt -- yes, amazing, isn't it? After all us kids were grown and out of the house, my parents pulled up the ugly 70s shag carpet in their house and found lovely oak floors underneath. They had to do a bit of refinishing in spots, but nothing major. Good luck with your own flooring project!

4:21 PM  

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