Friday, February 10, 2006

Sleeves in your Pi - Sleeves started, and knitting fonts

Progress on the Sleeves in your Pi shawl -- I've finished the border (woo hoo!), and started one sleeve. Note to self: next time, use thicker waste yarn. The uneven dyeing I complained about before, though, has actually turned out pretty well -- I like the variegated look of the yarn, and the shawl would probably be more boring otherwise.

You can see in the pic where I still have the waste yarn in place (left); the half-knitted sleeve is on the right.

Knitting with this thick mohair is a PITA, but worth it. I love the feel of the knitted fabric; it's very cuddly and warm, and the subtle shine of the yarn is wonderful. The downside of thick mohair: if you make a mistake, it's a bear to rip or tink back and fix it. The upside: this yarn is SO fuzzy that the occasional "oops" doesn't show up that much, so as long as it's not something that totally throws the pattern off, I just shrug and keep knitting.

Here's the chart I did for extending the center chart. The original directions tell you to repeat the last four rows several times; instead, I decided to complete the diamonds. The chart is done in Excel, btw, with a knitting font. Here is a useful blog entries on knitting fonts. Another knitting font can be found here.


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