Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mangia and Groovy Lube

In keeping with the Godzilla theme, here's a photo of Mangia, a pizza parlor in Austin that has the green monster ("It's not Godzilla, it's a dinosaur") on it's roof. You can't fool me -- it's Godzilla.

Right across the street is an oil change place called "Groovy Lube" -- I kid you not. Just had to take pics. The employees wear tshirts that read, "Keep Austin Groovy".

We saw assorted characters wandering around down by the center of town, too, but I didn't take their pics.

On a yarn-related note, we also went by Hill Country Weavers, so I could pick up some TSA-safe bamboo knitting needles for the trip home. Their website put me off a bit -- I was afraid it would be one of those shishi stores with nothing useful or practical and lots of overpriced novelty yarns -- but the actual store is homier and has a lot of great stuff and neat people working there.


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