Friday, March 10, 2006

FLAK note, ,art, and this weekend

So, for the FLAK sweater -- no, I didn't ladder back to add cables; I've just gone too far to go back, and am too far behind to go back, too (I'm about a third of the way through the first sleeve).

I regret not knitting the sleeves flat. It was easier on my hands. None of the solutions I've tried work very well for me (no, I didn't like the "magic loop" method), and I'm finally just knitting them on 16" circs.

I signed up for a painting class with my sis, which started Monday. The first class the teacher had us sketching, to see where our skill levels were. S. and I have both taken drawing lessons, so we did ok, comparatively speaking; we signed up for this class to learn the techniques of painting (it's one thing to have the paints, another thing to know how to use them). But the sketching practice wasn't a bad thing, and she sent us home with instructions to practice more. Another excuse to buy art supplies -- not a bad thing! I'm debating buying a French easel, since I've seen some for not too much money and they have the advantage of getting everything in one package that's easy to carry (my problem with my current equipment).

So, this weekend is the World War 1 event, and I'm nearly all packed -- still have to pack my clothes and buy a few groceries. I got a cheap CD/MP3 player (it plays CDs from MP3s, and only cost about $25), and a very cheap pair of speakers for it, and found a bunch of period MP3s at and, so when I don't feel like cranking the actual gramophone, I can play the MP3s under a tablecloth. Will have to actually see if the guys mind that -- I wouldn't bring the MP3s without having the actual gramophone and records there to lend some plausibility.


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