Sunday, February 26, 2006

FLAK progress, and room painted

Here's the progress on my FLAK sweater. I'm using seed stitch for the filler, and find that I only had to pick up 100 stitches total along the edge (provided I'm doing the math correctly -- but it looks good, I think), and then decrease every 10 rows to the cuff. Also vaguely debating whether I want to rip back and add a few more cables, but... nah. Not yet, anyway.

I tried the "Magic Loop" method mentioned onlist today, but it seems awkward (to me). And I hate 16" circs -- they make my hands cramp up. So, it's dpns for me. I'm glad there's a method out there for those who hate dpns, but I'm like them and am used to them, so there's really no point in switching.

Got the front room painted this weekend. Yesterday we spackled (some more -- caught some spots we missed earlier) and did a bit of painting, and installed the new ceiling light, which gives off a good deal more light than the one the builder installed. Also got a new light for our bedroom while we were at it.

This room will ultimately house my weaving loom, spinning wheels, and a few other textile-related items. There will also be a console for the printers and fax machine, with an area underneath for the dogs to 'den' in the way they used to sleep under K's desk. White is a good choice for sewing rooms and areas where you're dealing with colors -- it reflects light, and doesn't change the way you see the colors of whatever you're working on.

The white paint also makes the room look bigger -- it's only about 9 x 10. Taking the dark carpet out helped, too, but the white, which is semi-gloss, reflects a lot of light. We're thinking about painting the trim a color like sage green, but haven't decided yet. Green might work; it would bring the outside in, as the designers say.

After finishing painting, I pulled up all the carpet staples, so we're ready to start installing the flooring. We just barely have enough flooring left for this room and will be literally cutting it very close. Enough work for one day, though -- I'm stiff and sore. If we ever build another house, we definitely need to budget for the builder to install the flooring.


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