Friday, February 24, 2006

Why, yes, I do like the color green. Why do you ask?

Come to think of it, this makes four shawls I've knitted in green. Hm. Maybe I should diversify my color choices a bit...

And yes, that is dog hair, and muddy footprints, on the floor. I'm mopping the kitchen floor tomorrow. Or something.

Anyway, the shawl. I wore it to work on Wednesday, and got about six unsolicited compliments, a few of which were from complete strangers. That made me feel good. I mean, I feel good about this lovely shawl anyway -- it has everything I like. It feels wonderful to wear; it has nice drape; the yarn has a lovely texture and shine. It's just the thing needed for my somewhat chilly office, too. But random compliments are always a good thing.


Blogger Sara J. said...

It looks great! I also appreciate unsolicited compliments from people who don't normally notice clothes.

10:16 AM  

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