Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Donuts! And other stuff.

First, the donuts -- and a happy soldier! This time it went much better, with charcoal in the stove instead of wood, and better weather.

The pic of the soldier is modeled after a WW1 film clip that someone there mentioned, which showed a soldier happily walking along with his coffee mug and five donuts on the fingers of one hand, taking a bite from each donut as if to say, "These are MINE, you can't have any!" The guy in the pic has such a great grin that we just had to use him for the pic.
Here's me knitting at the event. I didn't get much done, and it was mostly for show anyway. Lost a needle later that evening, so I'm probably going to just rip this out and start again later. I have too many projects to finish before I can really start another one.

When I got home on Sunday, the anemones and crocuses had started blooming. Last year they weren't blooming until the beginning of April, which means they're about three weeks early. Global warming? What global warming?


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