Thursday, February 02, 2006

Back from Austin; FLAK and PiSleeves Progress

I took the FLAK sweater to Austin with me, so I wouldn't fall behind, and here's the pic to date. Also took the Sleeves in your Pi Shawl and got to the last row of the center circle part by the time I got on the plane to come home. Sorry, no progress pics, but it looks like a green blob anyway. I've started the border (you might be able to pick that out of today's pic, above), using a small circ needle for the edging stitches. I found that the least awkward way to work the border is to knit the edging stitches onto the needle holding the rest of the shawl on the outward row of the edging, then knit them onto the short circular needle going back toward the body of the shawl. I tried just using the small circular needle for the edging, picking up one stitch from the shawl body for the k2tog join, but that was too awkward.

Austin was a fun town. It's sort of like Takoma Park, MD, but it's an entire city rather than just a few blocks. Highlights of the trip included Toy Joy (pics below), which had just about every novelty and/or gag gift one could possibly want. I bought a Godzilla doll, a sponge brain (you put it in water and it expands), glow in the dark space mucus, two K├╝belwagens, and a few other things. The Godzilla doll was going to the nephews, but got appropriated by K. the minute I got home, and the K├╝belwagens were snatched up by G., who apparently has a small collection of toy WW2 military vehicles (why am I not surprised?).

The fuzzy pink object in the pic below is a plastic buddha bank, with pink flocking, so it really is fuzzy as well as being out of focus.


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