Monday, January 23, 2006

Dyeing Mohair for Pi

I fell in love with the "Sleeves in your Pi" shawl at the beginning of January, and, since I don't have any lace projects on the needles right now (the hap shawl doesn't count, since you only work the pattern every other row), I've been jonesing to start it. Bought the book with the pattern (Ponchos & Wraps: A Knitter's Dozen) -- not sure I'd knit anything else in the book, but I had a coupon -- and started to hunt for yarn.
The pattern suggests a bulky yarn, so I considered using Brown Sheep yarn (found some on Ebay on cones), but then, when I was at The Mannings on Saturday, I saw some "Henry's Attic" Toaga mohair yarn in 8 oz. skeins that looked more like what I had in mind. Now, I know that the mohair is gonna be a PITA to knit, after doing the Flower Basket shawl in white mohair and trying a bit of a heavier mohair when someone in my spinning group was de-stashing, but it'll probably be lovely when it's done.

So I bought four skeins of the Toaga, plus two packets of green Cushing's acid dye (mix of Bronze Green and Reseda Green), which is now dyed and drying at home. The fiber was a little crowded in the dyepot so there are some uneven spots, but I think that'll be ok. They'll give the project character. Note to self for future, though -- don't put 2 lbs of fiber in this particular pot at one time.

Edit, 1/24: One skein was dry this morning, the others slightly damp. I wound that skein off into a ball and knit the first few rounds, and the color differences -- so far -- aren't a problem. And it IS a PITA to knit.


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