Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holey Christmas Disaster, Batman!

These are the socks I knitted earlier this Fall for the nephews' Christmas presents. The first set is for the older nephew, the second is for the younger. The older boy likes blue, and would probably be upset if the younger boy's socks were bluer than his; I thought the yarn for the second set was more purple than it turned out to be. So this weekend I went to overdye the second pair with purple dye, and two things happened -- a) I found a hole in one sock, probably a moth hole, which alarms me because, although I do try to store all my yarn etc. safely, there is yarn in the stash that isn't mothproofed and might be a target for moths, and b) the purple dye turned out way darker than I intended it to be, so the socks are nearly black.

So there's nothing to do but knit another pair of socks for the younger nephew. I thought about mailing him something else instead, such as one of the hats I've been knitting, but that would make the older nephew envious. Thank goodness I'd already ordered them a present via, so if their socks are late, it doesn't matter very much. I've alerted my sis (their mom), and things will be fine.


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