Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rain Barrels -- Installing the Plumbing Fixtures, Part 2

Ok, where was I?

The first picture to the right shows the fitting (a 5/8" male shank mender) that will have a hose connecting my two rain barrels. We left that fitting off Dad's, since he only has one rain barrel.

The next five pictures show the fitting that will connect the downspout to the rain barrels, along with a screen to keep large debris out of the barrel. I'll put some window screen in the screen to prevent moquitos from breeding in the barrel.

One of the barrels we got had a square indentation instead of the round one seen below; we'll use that barrel as the overflow, and fit the downspout into this one, as it was easier to cut the hole for the downspout fitting.

1. Mark the cutting line
2. Drill a pilot hole
3. Cut the hole, filing if necessary


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