Monday, August 08, 2005

why I don't speak "chick"

Article from the NY Times on the effect of prenatal testosterone on brains
So, 17% of women have a brain that works a little more like a male brain. Interesting. I'd bet I'm one of them. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being female, but I've always been just a little more of a geek girl. Not a hardcore geek girl, but still -- definitely toward that end of the spectrum. I'm fairly analytical. I wear clothes as though they were uniforms (functional, as stylish as necessary not to be a complete nerd but never fussy or involved), read voraciously, wear minimal makeup, never understood those girls who hung out giggling over Vogue or Brides magazine in high school / college. That being said, I can be feminine and sexy when I want to (see my reenacting hobby -- am definitely into costumes, and love designing/creating stuff). Most of my friends fit this description, too -- not "girly girls", more "kick-ass babes".

Veddy interesting.

The main point of the article, namely that an overdose of prenatal testosterone can cause autism, is interesting -- my mom thinks my dad has Asberger's, and she may have a point. He's brilliant, but not particularly social. In more extreme forms, my hubby used to know brilliant scientists who couldn't walk across the street unaided (they tended to wander into traffic). I hope to see more study of this down the road.

Obligatory knitting content: gave the silk corset to my sis Saturday, sans buttons. She's going to add buttons and send me a pic for the blog. I took a pic of the sleeve, which I elongated in the ribbing pattern and then flared out using three repeats of Chart F to make a trumpet sleeve.


Blogger Andhyka said...

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Blogger Lisa said...

So I really am a freak of nature. At least I know I'm in good company.

6:25 AM  

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