Monday, July 18, 2005

Diamonds and Feathers, take 2

Here's a pic of the Diamonds and Feathers shawl, take 2 -- I'm knitting it again, this time with Koigu KPPPM, and on larger needles.

So, I'm vaguely uncertain about whether the yarn is too 'busy' for the design, but looking at the picture, I think it works, actually.

I also got my first Knitpicks order in, with the "Yukon" Landscapes sock yarn. I'm debating whether to use that for the stole version of this shawl, or use it for the Baltic Sea Stole instead. I think I'll do a bit of swatching to see what I think.

You know, I got the latest Harry Potter book Saturday, and I have just barely started to read it. I've been SO busy, running errands and cleaning and... knitting. This is bad. I need to just quit and read.


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