Monday, August 08, 2005

fall fashion colors rant

I really do hate shopping. I want to find something that works, buy it, stuff it in a bag, and go home. Dawdling around trying on every conceivable combination of outfits is a waste of time.

And it used to be that I could reliably find some great clothing in Fall -- rust, barn red, various shades of green.

I went by J.C. Penney's over the weekend to try to find a few tops for work (what, I don't knit or sew everything I wear? Um, no... Haven't broken out the sewing machine for work clothes for a long time; I prefer to save my sewing/knitting time for stuff I actually enjoy wearing), and find that the current popular colors are pink, mauve, orange, a pukey shade of purple, and a color of kelly green. I actually like orange, green and purple, but all the "in" shades this season are too bright for me. Where did olive and salmon go? Guess I shoulda stocked up a few years ago. Had the same problem with clothing colors this past spring -- colors too intense, make me look washed out.

A friend keeps scolding me for wearing too much black. Well, this is what drives me to it -- a fashion industry which goes through fits where nothing it makes is suitable for me. I'm sure there are people who are ecstatic about the current fashion trends, but personally, I'm not going to be buying much clothing until they get over it and get back to some sensible basics. If any of you can wear these colors, more power to ya... My friend Kass probably would look great in all of them (she has dark hair and very pale skin, I'm a dishwater blonde with skin that tends toward sallow).

Either that, or I'm buying some long-sleeved Ts from DharmaTrading, and breaking out the dyepot...