Saturday, December 31, 2005

Aran sweater and other projects

So I signed up for Janet Szabo's "Son of Aran" knitalong, because I haven't knitted this kind of sweater before (saddle shoulder, top-down), and it should be an interesting challenge (if only to my patience, since I tend to like projects I can finish quickly) and good learning experience.

Most of the participants seem to be using Cascade 220. I saw some of that yarn when I was at Webs earlier this week, but I'm using plain ol' Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool, because a) I'm knitting it for my hubby and he wants it in plain white and doesn't care how much I spend, or don't spend, on yarn; and b) it's really more about the learning experience for me.

I got the gauge of 22 st/in. on moss stitch using size 4 needles (I'm a fairly loose knitter, and knit continental style). The KAL starts Jan. 1, so I'm all set to start.

Not that I need any more projects, mind you. I just bought several patterns from White Lies Designs, and I still need to finish K's socks and start G's stranded Bicycle Socks, another self-challenge project.

Furthermore, my sis is coming over today or tomorrow so we can work on her wedding dress. We need to find a pattern that's the right basic shape, then figure out how we want to embellish it. While we're at it, I also need to find a pattern for my own dress for her wedding (though I may just wind up buying something). Not sure how much we'll get done, since I drank too much tea last night and got only about five hours of sleep.

Was lying awake at 5 AM and thinking about visiting a friend who moved to Austin this past August. I have plenty of leave to burn (have been taking time off so as not to lose any by the end of the year), and now have a reliable backup at work, so it ought to be possible, yay! But she has a cat. I love cats. But I'm horribly allergic to them -- three hours is about my limit, even with Claritin and an inhaler, so an overnight stay -- or a week's stay -- is problematic. Emailed her to see if she has any suggestions. Damn allergies...

Speaking of projects, Mom and Dad came over yesterday and helped me clear out one end of the basement so we can start putting in studs and drywall. They asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I said "help", so this was their present. Moving everything took less time than I thought it would -- we got the job of packing and moving stuff done in just a couple of hours. K. and I are going to be finishing out one side of the basement, then shifting everything around and finishing out the other side.

I got a bit testy with K. because he came down to the basement with us and told us what he wanted us to do then was going to leave. Told him he needed to be there for at least the first 20 minutes so we'd arrange things so he could get at stuff he needed, so he did stick around a bit. Other than that, and having to keep Mom on track (she gets distracted easily), the morning went pretty well. I'd like to start ripping up the carpet in K.'s study and put down the flooring, but he's not ready for me to do that -- the study is a pigsty at the moment, and he shows no signs of wanting to clean it up yet, damnit. I don't know if the study will get done before the basement project at this point.


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