Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Catching up (new pics)

I've been having a problem getting my computer to "see" my camera when I plug it in. Turns out the problem is some software I got that allowed me to edit my phone's address book on my computer -- the stupid software messed up the USB drivers, or something to that effect. It's not entirely fixed, but at least I can upload pics for now.

Anyway. Now that I'm not lying in bed complaining about being too dizzy to walk (inner ears and sinuses all messed up), I've taken some pics of recent projects.

First, I'm working on getting presentable pics of my latest shawl, which is the Diamonds and Feathers shawl, so I can write it up and offer it for sale.
Pics -- this is NOT the final one, since I'm going to take more that show off the details of the shawl better:

I've also been noodling around with some leftover Jaggerspun fingering weight yarn, in preparation for a Shetland hap shawl that I want to knit (yarn on order from Webs). It doesn't look like much in this pic, but what you're looking at is a) the center, which is a square knitted in garter stitch just like the famous "grandma's favorite dishcloth'; b) the border, in which you pick up 3 stitches for every 2 rows, then start knitting outwards in Old Shale pattern, with increases at the corners; and c) at the upper left hand corner, a knitted-on lace border. I'm not sure I have enough yarn to finish this, though, and may just rip it out, now that I've shown myself I've got the concept (& math) down.

I'm also noodling around with some Mysti Alpaca from my stash. I have a design in mind, but am not sure if I like the looseness of the design on these needles. Think I'll knit to the end of the pattern repeat and then make up my mind.


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