Friday, May 13, 2005

Jane Eyre -- bleah

Have just been listening to Jane Eyre on BBC7, and realize (again) why I disliked the book as a teen. Jane is an idiot. She's overly emotional and sentimental. Granted, I wouldn't have married St. John either, but still. Wotta twit.

(sigh) Those Victorians...

Monday, May 09, 2005

MD Sheep & Wool Festival

Took my mom to MSWF on Sunday, for Mother's Day. She had a grand time! I've been trying to get her back into knitting, and I suspect her ability to concentrate and eyesight aren't as good as they used to be, but she did buy a nice vest pattern (Oat Couture's Oregon Vest).

Gave her the mohair Flower Basket shawl I knitted last week (pics soon), which she wore with great enjoyment.

I tried not to buy much yarn - four skeins total, three of a Shetland weight green heathered yarn from The Mannings, and another skein of Brown Sheep Bulky in dark blue, to finish a tam.

Did get a few books -- one on handpainting yarn, and one on the history of indigo. Also bought a pound of indigo, since I want to try a fermentation vat this summer.

Monday, May 02, 2005

And this is what I was doing most of the weekend, instead of knitting. You really have to keep up with the weeding, or it gets out of hand... I really love apple blossoms. They smell so good. I hope we actually get some decent apples this year; last summer was too wet, and most of them rotted. Posted by Hello

Anemones and sweet woodruff, in the front garden bed.  Posted by Hello

Here's the Flower Basket, finally, being blocked. I've worn it several times over the past few days, and have gotten lots of compliments. Just to prove that I AM insane, I've started another one out of a floofy white mohair yarn. It's a bit floofier than I imagined, actually, which means I may wind up giving this to my mom or middle sister, since they're somewhat more likely to wear floofy stuff. I think the next lace project is going to be the "Branching Out" scarf in the current Knitty. I already have the perfect yarn for the project, a cotton/rayon dyeable from The Mannings. Posted by Hello