Saturday, March 29, 2008

House Work -- New Closet, and Bathroom Overhaul

The weekend before Christmas we started a new project (two, actually) -- we are adding a new closet in the master bedroom, and painting / adding trim to the master bathroom while we're at it. The first pic here shows the drywall and pocket door installed. The old wall stopped where you can see the red paint and crown molding stop. We put in a new light fixture by the bathroom door as well as a light in the new closet area. The closet still has a way to go -- the exterior is done, and the inside is painted but needs to be finished out with shelves etc.

The bathroom overhaul includes: painting the wall and ceiling (which were both painted with that crappy builder-grade beige paint), installing bead-board wainscotting, chair rail, new baseboard and shoe molding, and crown molding.

The bathroom is done except for painting over the spackle where the molding is nailed up; that should be done by the end of this weekend.


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