Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Corset Top

Saw this on Sara's blog and had to order it. Firstly, it's just plain beautiful; secondly, I have made, and worn, corsets, so it'd be rather fun to make a corset sweater.

I'm also a bit upset at the moment over a new development at work (which I won't go into here).

So, I went to Knitpicks and bought some Andean Silk in demure slate and pitch. Silly me. I should have bought some brigher colors, but I do like, and wear, grey, and one of my favorite Victorian corsets was a silvery grey satin.

Also ordered some of their Landscapes sock yarn in "Yukon", which may or may not be made into the Baltic Sea stole; I may go back and buy some of their laceweight yarn ("Morning Mist") for that stole instead, and use the sock yarn for something else.


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