Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Frogging the Flower Basket Shawl (again)

Here's the Flowerbasket shawl -- before I ripped it all out and started over. You see, I got up to 10 pattern repeats -- and the shawl is supposed to be DONE at 7 repeats (at least, as a shoulder-shawl), but it's not even close. The gauge is too small. I figured I'd go down two needle sizes, because I nearly always do, and even though I swatched, it's not right. I want the larger, more open look on the original shawl pattern, and this just isn't it.Yarn Harlot has also been knitting the Flower Basket, and you can see the result is much more open. I've been doubting my results all along, and seeing her pics just confirmed my doubts and made me decide to start over, rather than try to finish and have a project I was unhappy with. The upside: It should take less time to reknit, because the stitches will be larger. It took me about a week to do 10 repeats; probably will take the same amt of time to do 7, I'm guessing. Posted by Hello


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