Thursday, February 10, 2005

Koigu scarf, Nordic hat, and being stalled...

I fell in love with Flower Basket scarf in Interweave Knits Fall 2004 when I saw it, which is why I bought the magazine. It's now available from Fiber Trends, but I have the magazine, so...

I bought the Koigu Premium Merino with the idea of using it for the Flower Basket scarf, but then saw another scarf that I liked, plain garter stitch with a lace edging, and thought that I'd do that instead. Well, the Flower Basket is still calling me, but I don't want to frog the garter stitch scarf and start over. So I need to find another yarn. Not really keen on any of the yarns I've seen the FB done in, though, so gotta find something else.

The Nordic hat is inspired by a design in Knitting in the Nordic Tradition by Vibeke Lind. The hat is shaped like a football, with one end going inside the other, so that it's double layered. The bottom edge is then turned up as a brim, so you actually have four layers around your ears. I doubt I'll finish it in time for any weather where I can actually wear it, this winter. Oh, well. I started it because I thought I was going to Utah for a company retreat, but wound up not going, which is just as well.


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