Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Finished FLAK

Voila! I actually finished this Monday night, en route home from my sis's house.

The sleeves look rather long; but that's what K. wanted. He's got long arms, and says he can never get sweaters with long enough sleeves. It fits him pretty well, so we're both pleased.


Puppy love

For the general amusement, here's a pic of a puppy that some friends brought by our camp at the McHenry Scottish Games in early June. The other members of my group firmly insisted that I could NOT take him home. What a cutie...

I've been watching the Dog Whisperer lately. It's fairly formulaic, but I've been picking up a few training tips -- for instance, instead of comforting Molly when she acts fearful, I should tell her to snap out of it and give her some other behavior to do. It's been working, more or less -- she no longer wakes us up when a thunderstorm comes through. Definite progress, especially considering that we've had nonstop rain since Sunday.