Sunday, October 09, 2005

Catching up... Edwardian clothes, and knitting, and work

I've been SO busy at work lately that I haven't felt like posting. Routine: go to work, come home, sit on sofa and watch TV. I have been knitting more on my hap shawl, which I will probably need for an event in early November. But things look like they'll begin to calm down soon (new person hired, and she's great so far, woo hoo!)

So, stuff:
- I went with my youngest sis yesterday to look at a site for her wedding, which will be in April. Lovely place -- the Strong Mansion near Sugarloaf.

- Sis is trying to balance out the whole bridesmaid thing. I don't particularly want to be a bridesmaid -- I can think of few things I've enjoyed less than the few occasions I've been one -- but if she asked me I'd do it. Thing is, she has two other friends to ask, and one other sister, and other sister is likely to have a massive snit if she's not asked. So I've told my sis I'll do anything she wants me to (including being a bridesmaid if she wants), but I'm secure enough in our relationship as sisters not to care if I'm not included in the immediate wedding party.

- I'm trying to put together an outfit for a World War I event I'm planning on going to in early November. Yeah, right, I need another reenacting impression like I need a hole in the head, but I never claimed to be sane. So here's what I've found, so far.
This shows Belgian refugees in 1914. The women on the left are wearing styles fashionable in, oh, 1900-1910, so they're a bit behind the current fashions.
Sense and Sensibility sells patterns for the Edwardian period and the Teens, and I've ordered the Edwardian set, but being an impatient sort, I picked up the Folkwear Walking Skirt and Schoolmistress's Shirtwaist patterns at G Street Fabrics yesterday, with the intention of getting started on an outfit today. When the other patterns arrive, I'll make up the apron, maybe a dress, and, if I have time, a jacket.

Ran into a problem, though -- I had just enough (I thought) of a length of black satin lining fabric to make a petticoat to go under the skirt, so I proceeded to cut... and wound up having to dig into my stash to find another length of similar, but not exactly identical, black satin to finish the project. A) It's a petticoat, so no one will see it; and b) they're so close you have to feel them to tell the difference, so this should work out fine, but I'm still annoyed by this.